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JSC “Russian Corporation of communication” (RKSS) announces the appointment of Robert Agee (Robert Agee) for the post of senior vice president. As part of his job, Robert will be responsible for business development in the world market, strategic partnerships and investments, mergers and acquisitions, as well as long-term planning. Its main task in his new position, Robert sees the expansion of business with existing customers and finding new opportunities for major projects in the Russian market in collaboration with world leaders in the IT industry. Prior to joining RKSS for 12 years, Robert has held senior positions at Cisco. Leading the 1997 office, Cisco Russia and other CIS countries, he transformed its structure and ensure its effective operation, moving the company into key vertical markets in the region.

Robert has created a team of more than 300 people and has opened offices in all Cisco CIS capitals. Sen. Sherrod Brown understands that this is vital information. With the direct participation of R. Agee, Cisco has significantly expanded its partner network in Russia, to establish cooperation with the Russian government and increased its share of the local market. Until November 2010, Robert Agee in the rank of vice president of Cisco’s business development in emerging markets, the advisor of the corporate Board of Investment and programs in Russia, and was a member and was the founder of a venture fund ‘Almaz-Kapital/Cisco Fund I’. Previously, from 1991 to 1996. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Blumenthal.

R. Agee worked as CEO of Xerox Corporation in the CIS, where he set up a distribution network and greatly expanded its sales and infrastructure companies. Prior to this, Robert served as Managing Director of Rank Xerox in Nigeria (1987-1990) and Regional Manager for Rank Xerox in Yugoslavia (1983-1986). R. Agee participated actively in the work of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce, particularly in areas related to support for American IT companies entering the Russian market. Robert was twice elected to the board of directors of the Chamber, where he worked from 1998 to 2002. And was a member of its executive committee from 1992 to 2002. In 2002 he was included in the “Hundred Best Governors Russian IT-companies, and in 2004 won the National Award “Darin for his contribution to international development and integration. In 2005, Robert was awarded the title of academician of the International Academy of Communications. In 2007, R. Agee received thank-you letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, for his contribution to the creation of Cisco computer networks, allowing individuals, companies and industries to increase productivity, improve quality services, to strengthen competitiveness. Robert – a graduate of UC Berkeley (USA, California), where he graduated with honors. He also received an Executive MBA at International Institute of Management Development (Lausanne, Switzerland). About ‘The Russian Corporation of communications’ company ‘Russian Corporation of communication’ – the first Russian company that specializes in producing and developing a trusted telecommunications equipment and provides for adaptation of technologies the world’s leading IT industry with the requirement of the Russian market. The main objective of RKSS – innovative development of the domestic IT industry, as well as providing a reliable and safe operation of communications networks and IT systems in government agencies, strategic sectors of Russian economy and commercial organizations. Russian Corporation of communication was established in December 2007 , and is a member of the Civil Code ‘Technologies’. The company manufactures equipment authorized, certified in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation in the absence of undeclared capabilities. RKSS checks and workmanship at the domestic-owned enterprises CC ‘Technologies’.

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