The United States

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The Middle East is a subject complex, that involves interests politicians, religious, economic and very geopolitical, being that all its subjects gain relevance in regional or world-wide scale, always with the presence of powers of other parts of the world. One is then about an immense mosaic, with Arab predominance and the State of Israel created in the years 40 of century XX, enemy of the neighborhood. The Israelis (or still calls of Jews, as for the religion), are allies of the United States of America since its imposed foundation that region. Which is the main problem of the Middle East in the present time? All. Or none. Or better, the incompatibility of thoughts between Israel and its neighbors.

According to problem: the oil reserves that are with the neighbors of Israel. We go to understand the scene: The United States, before the current decay, needed a point ‘ ‘ apoio’ ‘ , that is a point logistic in the region of ‘ ‘ world rabe’ ‘ , rich in oil. The United States of America are the consuming greaters of oil of the world. Which reason of the point of ‘ ‘ apoio’ ‘ To keep the control on the oil and to prevent (during the Cold War? up to 1992) that the Soviet Union if took possetion of this exhaustible resource and compromised the development urban-industrial of U.S.A. and allies world measures. Being thus, Israel was and is basic. The neighboring countries hate Israel, either in function of the divergences how much to the religion, either how much not the acceptance of the existence of this country, or still for the brutality of the conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians (Jewish and Arab). The United States need Israel and guarantee its security and integrity: being thus, they receive all the hostility that was only against Israel.

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