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Join Political Parties

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They certainly know how to live life… They certainly know how to live life, but do not remember of the unemployed, of the homeless, of the disenfranchised of fortune, of military personnel who die in wars that have no jsutificacion … Continue reading

Bank Commission

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In the framework of mortgage financial system in Venezuela and in accordance with the standards in the field of housing policy, we find a series of loans depending on the source of funds, as well as the fate of them. … Continue reading

Argentinian Political Elections

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JOSE BRECHNER which comes to be the most interesting note of Argentine presidential elections of 2011, Eduardo Duhalde gave to understand that he run as a candidate. The reentry into the political arena of the former President could not be … Continue reading


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See disciplined autonomous Presidents meet the slogans of their parties at a meeting in which our prosperity played causes blushing and discomfort: do are those representatives who voted or have been supplanted by partisan rompers? The same lack of personality … Continue reading

Borreguiles Politicians

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If! also begin to exist borreguiles politicians, faithful reflection of a society increasingly Jeroboam, because problems that are giving in that may arise only under these circumstances be able to locate and control all those who feel that they have … Continue reading