Borreguiles Politicians

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If! also begin to exist borreguiles politicians, faithful reflection of a society increasingly Jeroboam, because problems that are giving in that may arise only under these circumstances be able to locate and control all those who feel that they have to devote his life to politics, i.e. serving alleged someday society will have to think about how to solve the Jeroboam alternation, in the background, the consequences seems they are not very encouraging for the progress of our society. Increasingly, becomes difficult to find solutions and which normally provide numerous laws that politicians are, not only are burdensome, heavy, uncomfortable, but in many cases absurd, allocating to the citizen a Jeroboam situation which makes it impossible to lift the head and not only to be critical with the system that give real solutions that make it possible to improve the system. One of the first issues that arise is the suitability of treating the political shift, as if he had a casual work but: who can do leave your work in the sea factory, in the field, or in the Office for four years and then return as if nothing?. Other issues raised is management capacity but: they are prepared to manage, have, X budget controlarun euros which do not reach with your salary or you have many difficulties to arrive at end of month? While borreguiles politicians to solve the deficits of knowledge, presented as alternative that multiply the salaries of politician, to allow that accompany them and hire a court (so-called advisers) to govern, but: If a politician need advisers to govern, so serve officials?. Original author and source of the article.

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