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Albacete General Technical Institute

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There was my house and there was my crib. Eleazar Huerta. THE voice of the poet exile Eleazar Huerta made in Spain, before the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, a poetry of great formal perfection with … Continue reading


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This communication, is the claim, provide a tentative outline of context for approaching the Bolivian happen.He ran the year 1987 and we were doomed to the elaboration of a bibliographical research on a rail corridor to establish, using the existing … Continue reading

Manuel Barroso

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There are many ways becomes frighten a child and do feel guilty and intimidated, without resorting to physical violence. The boy or girl is tormented with thoughts and feelings that can not communicate or share with anyone and learn to … Continue reading

Federal Electricity Commission

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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-ten years ago, the Federal Electricity Commission announced its destiny: towards a world class company to exit us today you need thousand 200 million dollars to modernize the infrastructure of electricity lines in the country. In the Mexico … Continue reading