Argentinian Political Elections

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JOSE BRECHNER which comes to be the most interesting note of Argentine presidential elections of 2011, Eduardo Duhalde gave to understand that he run as a candidate. The reentry into the political arena of the former President could not be more propitious. Kirchnerism has disgusted the country, and the opposition does not have anyone that can say three sentences without contradicting it. The sober and eloquent presentation of Duhalde at the American Club, opens a door of relief to the Argentine productive class, from which some of its representatives gathered in their classrooms. The choice of the club to begin their return to the political strife, encouraged moreover an approach to the United States, which saw decline their friendship with the Argentina like never before. Starting his speech with an analogy about politics from that of populism and confrontation that are still postulating Kirchner, formerly, spoke of unity, openness and convergence, looking to the future.

He expressed his admiration for countries like Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, they learned the lessons of liberalism economic to lead his people towards a change in prosperity, using the tools of social democracy, which the Argentina could trace with good chances of success. He recalled that the role of the State is to ensure the safety of its citizens and thanked the Argentine armed forces by its institutional work, beyond the political claims that obnubilaron in the past. He demonstrated against the arms race, unlike Hugo Chavez and the other oral of the 21st century. He said that the biggest problem of the Argentines is the mixture of ignorance with arrogance, pleasant dimensioning applauded by those present, who demonstrated a level of evolution strongly longed to past arrogance, the least dear village of America made de los argentinos. Rightly emphasized that the Argentine dilemma is political and not economic. Difficult gibberish that are hard to decipher other politicians, who usually blame of his failures and his disability easily replaceable economy ministers. He compared the presidential government system American adopted by South American countries, with the parliamentary system employed by the Europeans, noting the harmful effects that took the first in the Southern Cone, taking us to indignant dictatorships, because of the disproportionate power that Presidents acquire, suggesting that parliamentarianism is the political solution for the Argentina.

It praised Chile for its peaceful and civilised change of Government from a left that ruled for 20 years without resentment, to a right with the same qualities, as an example of civility and democracy on the continent. In conclusion, Duhalde back out to the public arena, with the most honest and coherent discourse that political one has decided in the last decade in the Argentina. But this is just the beginning. His adversaries are many, and are outside and within the Peronist party. Outsiders do not have specific weight, experience or clarity. Within the party, Hugo Moyano is a key piece, which enjoys support estimated between 10 and 15 per cent of the national electorate. Significant numbers in the race toward the Casa Rosada. Many may feel uncomfortable, or confused, with a Peronist as a champion of liberal democracy, or democratic, but what better than a Peronist to make changes from inside without fear of popular rejection? We are in the distant and incipient campaign began, much water will run under the bridge, but doesn’t fit the slightest doubt, that none of the likely candidates known so far, enjoys the clarity of thought that Eduardo Duhalde externalises. original author and source of the article.

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