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They certainly know how to live life… They certainly know how to live life, but do not remember of the unemployed, of the homeless, of the disenfranchised of fortune, of military personnel who die in wars that have no jsutificacion would remind, because so my memory that, being the male/female political current unprepared dictates me: some do not reach the natural level of baccalaureate (However(, person can be without having many lights), all our rulers and politicians in the opposition know, when young, joining the political party of shift (PSOE, PP, CiU…), and Miss loas years… to retire quietly without fear of the unknown: terrible labor unemployment! And is that with this mode or way of living and thinking, never know what is really working. IE: getting up every day – waking up the Sun-to sign at 8. 30 hours. Leave work without having full knowledge of whether the next day will have gigs. They will never know the pain moral and material, it is housed in the minds of our young people, to not pay next depreciation of your future floor in property, that would be the life insurance ceiling while beech. Yes you know our current rulers and politicians in the opposition, in any case, how live life without giving neither coup-except rare exceptions-, overnight, in this valley of tears, body of King, and retire – leaving passing the time clock, that will mark our perishable lives.

Viva la vida! There is no more to go and wait. Wait and see when they leave the politicians of these luxurious buildings where they settle the autonomies of Spain (at number seventeen, that exist in our poor Spain). Them and they elegantly dressed as they never thought: with alpaca suits first, with models loewe second: all, of course, latest models, and paid with the money of the Spanish taxpayers.

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