On The Concept Of Legal Liability Of Minors

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The notion of legal responsibility is at the forefront in the system of jurisprudence. Many authors have attempted to give his definition of the concept of "responsibility." So, Cherdantsev af, , sn write that "legal duty as an abstract category of legal science and practice – a measure of proper conduct, provided by the state. " sn Bratus, in turn, pointed out that "legal responsibility – is the same duty, but forcibly executed. According to A. Ioffe and M.

D. Shargorod "Responsibility – is a measure of coercion to comply with the law applicable agencies of the state to those whom these rules are violated, legal implications, not related to measures of state coercion can not be attributed to the area of legal responsibility. " Another group of researchers determine the legal responsibility as the ability of subjects to account for their wrongful act and suffer action forcing, ie: 'legal liability there is a need to answer for non-legal obligation that existed in the same legal or outside it, the need that arises and ceases due to the onset of certain legal facts. " As can be seen, there is no consensus among authors on the nature of legal liability. However, in Science is generally accepted that "the responsibility – is a kind of legal consequences, occurring in the presence of certain facts that this form of the impact of law on social relations." Based on the doctrinal definitions, legal definition of the normative legal acts, as a rule, determined the same way.

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