Amnesty International

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Meanwhile, the Moroccans construct the greater military wall of the world, of 2720 km in length that divides to the territory and the families saharauis. In order to occur an idea of the size, the wall of Berlin it had only 160 km Two thirds of the territory are in Moroccan hands and the other third into the hands of the Polisario. In 1991 a stop to the fire remembers and the Minurso is satisfied, Mission of the United Nations for the Referendum of the Western Sahara, that must organize the referendum in 1992, so that the town saharaui decides the self-determination. They have spent 19 years and not yet the referendum is celebrated, before the desperation of the young people saharauis who want to return to the war. The conversations in the UN follow suspended. Meanwhile, the occupied cities saharauis are totally surrounded by the army and the forces of security of Morocco, preventing the pacific manifestations of the population saharaui to demand their social, political rights and of self-determination. The occupied areas are closed, by the regime of Morocco, before the international press, the international organizations of DDHH and observers, etc. The Minurso does not have the mandate to watch and to inform on the violation of the human rights (DDHH) in the occupied Sahara.

It is the unique mission of the UN that does not have those prerogatives due to the position and I veto of France in the Security Council. Diverse and important organizations of DDHH denounced in numerous information and resolutions the situation of violation of DDHH by Morocco in the occupied areas of the Sahara, such as Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, Front Line, Center Robert F. Kennedy, etc. The RASD is recognized by more than 80 countries. Morocco is charter member of the African Union is outside that organization from 1984 like it was it the regime of the Apartheid at its moment.

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