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The IMF recently advised to the Spanish Government not to make more houses of VPO. And the certain thing is that it is to hope that from deaf the central government ear to such recommendation has not become. In fact, the advice of the IMF sustains itself in this meaning by the deepest logic. If in Spain a serious problem with the surplus of houses constructed, adding according to the statistics, million empty houses in all the country exists. How it goes if possible then that the Spanish Government is going to construct houses still more, although are of Official Protection? It would be more or less now that cars are not sold, as if economic the utilitarian manufacturers decided to send themselves to the manufacture of mitigating their reduction in the sales.

They would flood the market of vehicles without selling. It would be a great error, and to continue adding empty houses the market, would be a greater economic decline still. What happens is that all government knows that to say that they are going to make so many social houses, sells and it pierces much in the electorate. In this case it is to hope that all the promises of manufacture of houses of official protection, remain in that, only in promises as they could be it many messages of the present government. More than ever it would be to wish that in this occasion they at least returned to us to lie once again.

Of all ways it is necessary to also value in this situation of crisis a very important factor. Spain has advanced a great work. The construction of houses supposes a great economic and labor effort. This country already has fact, is question now to take that force productive that before turned upside down in the construction today in unemployment to direct it towards other productive fields. The so famous R+D, where Spain always has been in the rear coach and the renewable energies must be political economic high-priority. To manage to also reduce to that great dependency energetics of the outside must as well be another fundamental premise in the development and recovery of the Spanish economy. From the beginning was elevated to the promoter of houses like authentic ogro of the crisis question to which surely it does not need reason, but the certain thing is that behind each promoter who bankruptcy, is a series of professionals who also are themselves affected; firstly the bricklayers and laborers of the construction, later the carpenters, those of aluminum, the electrical installers and of the kitchens, the plumbers and sinfn of professionals more. It is a great wheel with effect of snow ball that gives like result great labor unemployment that more than to knock down leaves desolate a whole country. In the street it is the then question if those same aid that was going away to dedicate for the construction of more houses, are not possible to be used for the acquisition of the already existing ones, subsidy to the purchase and rent of houses for young people and not so young, according to the level of income. Audio-visual encyclopedia LinThor.

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