European Council Applauds

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The German minister of Finances is against to the limitless aid to the countries of eurozona: ” ” will be no a salvation whatever the cost;. In Germany the voices grow critics to the decision of the BCE to buy sovereign debt of countries affected by the crisis. The World Bank: ” The debt crisis is one more a storm more dangerous than the one of 2008″ . The German minister of Finances, Wolfgang Schuble, was against limitless aid to the countries of eurozona affected by the crisis of the debt and noticed that ” ” will be no a salvation whatever the cost;. ” There will be a distribution of debt s nor no a limitless support. There are certain mechanisms of support that we developed under conditions estrictas” , Schuble in declarations said that publishes the Der Spiegel magazine in its edition of the next week.

Schuble rejected the formula specifically to create titles of European common debt, the calls euro-bonds. Schuble said that the desirable euro-bonds are not ” while each country develops its own policy of finanzas” and while they are needed ” the diverse types of interest so that there are stimuli and mechanisms of sanction to force consolidacin”. ” ” will be no a salvation whatever the cost; , it emphasized Schuble. In the meantime, in Germany the voices grow critics of the decision of the European Central bank (BCE) to buy titles of sovereign debt of the countries affected by the crisis, like Spain and Italy. First of all, within the parties of the government coalition, Unin Cristianodemcrata (CDU) of Angela Merkel, its Bavarian wing Unin Socialcristiana (CSU) and Partido Liberal (FDP), is made hard the idea that more and more with the purchase of titles of sovereign debt the BCE has resigned to part of its independence.

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