Basque Independent Community

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It has obtained 953 ediles, followed of the GNP, that has obtained 872. It is placed like the first force in San Sebastin: 8 councilmen. Also he has obtained to a comfortable victory in the town of Gernika (Biscay) when obtaining 62.76% of the votes and 12 councilmen. The coalition abertzale Bildu has become east Sunday, once scrutinized the 100% of the votes, in the first force of the Basque Country in number of councilmen, when obtaining 953 ediles, followed of the GNP, that has obtained 872. The party of Iigo Urkullu has obtained more votes, 325,968 (30.05%), whereas Bildu is the second force in number of suffrages in the Basque Independent Community, with 276,134 (25.45%). The leader of Bildu, Oskar Smuggling, has assured east Sunday that the ballot boxes " they are authenticating apuesta" of its coalition, and it has announced that " today it begins the change of articles of incorporation, political and institutional of lefts and soberanista".

Smuggling has made this affirmation in the fronton I concern III of San Sebastin, where the members of Bildu (independent abertzales, EA and Alternative) they follow the results at night electoral. Guip’uzcoa Bildu also has won elections municipal and obtains 8 councilmen in San Sebastin, capital that has governed in the last 20 years the PSE/EE of Odn Elorza, that is stayed as second force, with 7 ediles. In Guip’uzcoa, with the one hundred percent of the scrutinized vote, Bildu is the option more voted with 34.65% of votes and 22 junteros, followed of GNP, with 23.52% of the suffrages that give 14 junteros him. In Errenteria (Guip’uzcoa), with the 100% scrutinized, Bildu it obtains the majority when obtaining 8 councilmen, relegating to the PSE/EE to the second put with 7 ediles, followed by GNP with 3, the PP with 2 and EB with 1. Victory in Alava Bildu has become the second force with more councilmen of Alava, behind GNP and in front of the PP and the PSE-EE.

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