Municipal Council

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New " funa" , but this time on behalf of the Municipal Council of Cochrane, underwent the executive vice-president of HidroAysn, Daniel Fernandez, in the tour that next to diverse national means realises from Tuesday to that austral locality. The idea of the visit is " to know proyecto" according to it says the invitation of the executive to the press and where attached the program " Visit Zone of the Project 2010". In spite of agendar the company a meeting with the communal representatives for this Wednesday to the 17:00 hours, the associated organism responded with its refusal to maintain the meeting to consider " autoritario" that HidroAysn tried to pautear the sessions to them. The determination was taken like agreement in official session of Tuesday. " We decided that we were not going to attend that meeting because he must have an agreement between the parts to make specific a situation thus.

In addition I nowadays (Wednesday) found out that Daniel Fernandez came with the press, then, to bring national means to an encounter with us and not to inform to us of that seems to me a little authoritarian from ellos" the Tatiana town councillor expressed on the matter Eyrie. The program of the executive and the average nationals to the zone contemplated to the visit Tuesday to the abierta house of HidroAysn in Cochrane next to a presentation of Daniel Fernandez, Wednesday to fly over in helicopter the area where they project to construct to the dams Baker 1 and Baker 2, soon to maintain to meetings with the community and social organizations, many of them benefitted with the contributions that the company has given to the population in the heat of process of environmental evaluation of its initiative. Also the frustrated meeting with the Municipal Council was contemplated and to entertain to the journalists with a roast.

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