Tudovoy Contract

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The advantages of a civil contract with the employer: The employer is not obliged to reimburse costs incurred when using the personal property of the employee. There is no need to allocate employee workplace free food, provide his Social Service worker who is obliged to provide work done to the employer a certain date do not need to pay compulsory social and health insurance Remuneration is made after the work in accordance with the price specified in the contract for the result, rather than 2 times a month while working on a labor contract is not charged a single social tax, in terms of tax Benefits payable to the fss civil contract with the employee: An employee is not obliged to participate in subbotniks and other similar events officer shall not be obliged to comply with internal trudovgo of the enterprise Disadvantages civil contract by the employer: The impossibility of control over the activities of the employee during performance of the civil contract can be perekvalifikatsirovan prosecuted in employment if the employee is not registered as an unincorporated business, he may be prosecuted for illegal entrepreneurial activity The advantages of the employment contract by the employer:

The employee is obliged to observe the internal regulations of the enterprise and carry out the duties in accordance with the job description. For neglect of duty employer may impose on an employee disciplinary action, including in the form of dismissal benefits of the employment contract by an employee: An employee is entitled to be enrolled in state at the end of the probationary period The employee is entitled to payment of wages, the size of which can not be lower than the federal minimum wage law officer has the right to provide social services. guarantees provided by the labor law rf. This guarantees the payment of family workers, the severance pay severance, payroll, at least 2 times a month, overtime, komanndirovok, guarantees on the Granting of leave, additional output days, etc. Compulsory social and health insurance for employees at the expense of the employer employee has the right to grant him a work environment, appropriate sanitary and other regulations. Disadvantages of the employment contract by the employer: The employee must be provided with working conditions, adequate sanitation and other standards sooner or later must take the employee on the staff The employer is obliged to pay the employee wages in a timely manner, the monthly amount it can not be lower than the federal minimum wage law, regardless of the quality and quantity of work performed by Employee necessary to ensure social guarantees stipulated by labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

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