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Its property was bought by the alien in the Czech Republic clearly enhances its status and spoke about the seriousness of plans of a foreign citizen, really helps to get a positive response in the acquisition of status. In the five years of residence with a residence permit Czech foreigner has the right of a foreign law Czech Republic, absent from the country no more than 300 days. The attractiveness of obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic attracted many foreigners not only located in the cis countries, but also foreigners living in Europe in other countries eu and are unable to obtain official status even when the long-term work and residence. Foreigners who live in Europe, desperate to get status in their country to seek guidance from Czech lawyers are recognized as the Czech Republic and continue to live and work in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Austria and Germany. Legal advice in the Czech Republic can provide the identity of companies, especially if the questions relate to law protection of professional or civil lawyer.

Who can help obtain the status of Prague, only a lawyer or the lawyer who knows the current legal code of the Czech Republic, rotating continuously in a circle of lawyers who knew about the planned changes in the migratory legislation. Half of success in obtaining the status of the Czech Republic is the work of a lawyer. Czech lawyer of his nationality is Czech by nationality and their roots not how it can help a foreigner limited knowledge of the laws of its own legislation, lack of business contractions, the slow implementation of the tasks, stupidity when making important decisions in a complex and unusual situations, all this makes costs attached to a Czech lawyer wasted. Only Russian lawyer, who lives in the Czech Republic and educated in Russia, and later confirmed their knowledge in the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic won the title of lawyer is well placed experience and connections in Prague and the Czech Republic. Russian-speaking lawyer originally from Russia, the thinking in Russian, who works in Russian, demanding to themselves and their subordinates according to Russian rules, knowing the Czech and Russian laws can extraordinary to think and make quick decisions to solve any problem. Only Russian immigration lawyer is ready to find, look for loopholes in the Czech legislation and assist his client in solving tasks. One of these problems is to obtain permanent residence, but it is unpretentious and well-established pattern allow us to obtain permanent residence status of the Czech Republic for two months. Which gives permanent residency status and require the Czech Republic Czech permanent residence of foreigners, thanks to one of the following: our articles. Please contact our specialists.

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