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Reflect this point in the header or another element of his introductory marketing text. In short, do everything to make your readers aware that whatever you do, is done exclusively for them and for anyone over. Very often, after the adoption of these measures, the picture of the commercial project immediately turns to profitability, with the most dramatic way. 5. Turn your gaze to the competition and look more closely: what, how, and why they are doing. If your competitors are doing better than you, it's time to ask a very serious question: what do they do not like you? In particular – about the words they place their contextual advertising? Than their selling text differs from yours? What is the complete set of business proposals? What are the prices they set for their products and brands kits? How to build their product line? And so on. Understand this: in order to improve things in your business and send it to the side of development and consolidation of commercial success, there is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel. Just find out what effective techniques and methods have been successfully used by your competitors and understand prospects for their introduction in your own project.

6. Take care how things are going in your work with contextual advertising. Contextual advertising – a very effective tool of the online business, but it has one not too pleasant for the majority of employers below – for it must be constantly monitored. And when you start doing it, then very quickly became clear that some of the keywords and phrases to bring you a sale, while others only spend wasting your advertising budget. Accordingly, you should pay more attention and money those keywords that work for your profits and get rid of the obvious "blanks".

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