Indigenous Community

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Regarding the community’s decisions affecting one of its members, there are no means of legal defense. Accordingly, the orities are in a state of helplessness with respect to a private organization, the Indian community, why is constitutionally and legally entitled to exercise supervisory action in defense of their fundamental rights. COMMUNITY INDIGENOUS-Autonomy Legal Policy and political and legal autonomy to indigenous communities recognized by the component, in turn, must be exercised within the strict limits established by the Constitution itself: in accordance with their traditions and customs, provided they do not contradict the Constitution and the law, so as to ensure national unity. INDIAN JURISDICTION The constitutional power to exercise judicial functions within its territory, recognized the indigenous authorities, in accordance with their rules and procedures, is subject to the condition that they and those are not contrary to the Constitution and the law. The conceptual differences and conflicts that may arise in evaluative practical application of different legal orders, must be overcome minimally respect the following rules of interpretation: 1.

A better conservation of their traditions and customs, more autonomy. 2. The fundamental constitutional rights are the minimum mandatory for all individuals living together.

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