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Market analysis Currency Euro Dollar The euro fluctuated within a narrow range without making significant technical movements. Thus the European currency did not meet the objectives proposed in the 1.5144. The euro however, was under pressure and that is why the area of the 1.5072 support level present a significant short-term for today, but we are inclined towards the 1.4972 target of the day. And if it breaks that area could test the 1.4937 level of the second where the 61.8% Fibonacci level. However, short-term resistance level is at the 1.5143 area, and only if it breaks that could test the 1.5200 area. Support: 1.5072: trend line. 1.4972 : 50% Fibonacci level. 1.4937: 61.8% Fibonacci level.

Resistance: 1.5143 Maximum of 25 November. 1.5200: Resistance of 2008. 1.5260: Resistance of 2008. Pound per pound broke the resistance level of 1.6608 and reached 1.6673 in the proposed target. The remarkable thing the last 24 hours was the breakdown of the downward trendline 4 hour chart. This significantly improves the technical perspectives. Keep in mind that if it breaks the 1.6726 area may be reaching the 1.6795 and then 1.6844 resistance level which involves a key in the medium term.

However, the level of short term support at 1.6677 is, and if it breaks the 1.6677 area may be testing the 1.6600 and 1.6537. Support: 1.6677: trend line. 1.6600: Break trend in the 4 hour chart. 1.6537: 50% Fibonacci level. Resistance: 1.6728: Resistance of last week. 1.6795: maximum of 11 November. 1.6844: Maximum of 18 November. Dolar Yen Instead of falling 100 pips from the level of resistance of 87.50, the dollar-yen once again managed to move and was close to 88 during this morning. If the pair manages to break the 88.18 area could test the bottom of the channel. This area is a key level of resistance day in 88.18. And if that zone is broken may be testing the 88.58 and then 89.17. The level of support found in 87.29 and if the pair breaks this area will continue a downward correction and could test the 86.72 and then 86.28. Japan's government may not allow the yen appreciated, and we should carefully follow the Japanese event. Support: 87.29: rising trend line. 86.72: Maximum of the previous week. 86.28: Minimum of last week. Resistance: 88.18: 61.8% Fibonacci level. 88.72: Lower Level of the alleged training. 89.17: Top of the alleged training. Change Analysis currency by: Munther involving Marji Disclaimer: The operations of futures, options and Forex carries a significant associated risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Should consider carefully whether your particular situation before you have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to operate in these markets. You can lose all the capital invested, or that their losses exceed the funds originally deposited. The advice, opinions and recommendations are subject to change constantly. Greetings, n.

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