Latin America

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When we hear comments about education in any country in the southern hemisphere, especially in Latin America, almost always find criticism of teachers. But we must note that many of the criticisms that are thrown into the air are unfounded and lack any legal justice. Thus the criticism should always be used to improve, which can give a positive thrust to education there. One of the complex problems we must address is precisely to solve the urgent need to educate, especially when the core level should also be primary. And this is it because the different stages in our society has changed, has also produced a break in the continuous formation and states that parents must give our sons and daughters. The need to work for a better and greater income, parents separated from their moral and legal obligation to provide their offspring a solid foundation and full of values.

This is evident in the classrooms when students exhibit behaviors and patterns of discipline, more than a "student appetite. And where were those teachers from home? If the political situation in each country shows that every ruler and respective party states to place "their" plan of government, continues to take into account the educational field, and so we suffer continuously from changes in educational policy of the country in which we live. Educational approaches that have these plans gobierrno often does not reflect reality or as the need arise. No diagnosis or respond to a real analysis of our country. And this leads to a waste of money from state coffers to "impose" models are often obsolete, sometimes backward, sometimes misplaced the national and regional realities, and all why, because they are spoils of the "conventions and agreements" our leaders made with other countries and / or powers of the world. The unfortunate thing is that both teachers and students are the ones who should "pay" with these changes and becomes even more dramatic when we think they (the nursery) are in the process of training. So to say that the educational plans should continue for decades, would be somewhat expected and less damaging, since each government remains about five years and everyone (ruler) change these plans according to their "partisan interests." We encourage education legislation provides for a thorough analysis of the diagnosis obtained from our land and not elsewhere, where it becomes evident that they have been successful in implementing it, but here it only serves to bring down the role played by teachers in classrooms .

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