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The Sun is the star that composes the call solar system, a very small part that is infundida in the Way Lctea. The sun is not the biggest star of the Galaxy, many confuse what it is solar system and By Lctea. Our Galaxy is called since the old Greeks By Lctea, that is milk way in Latin. The solar system represents one pequenssima part of this Galaxy with millions of stars and planets. The Sun is the source of light for the planet land, mainly, is star that are next to us and the one that better we know. The Sun if constitutes basically of an enormous incandescent gas sphere, in whose nucleus the generation of energy through thermonuclear reactions happens.

The study of the Sun it makes possible the knowledge of other stars, that so distant seem mere points of light. The Sun is a star sufficiently common relation the others, as for example, the star of Aldebar, that is 100 times more luminous than the Sun. The lesser stars that the land is called ' ' Dwarfed brancas.' ' Already the star of Antares is 290 times bigger that the Sun. In the Way Lctea it has about 100 billion stars, beyond the Sun, can be observed by rough estimate naked the pair of stars Mizar and Alcor, that are part of the constellation of the Ursa Biggest. Photo of the Sun gotten per the space station of NASA in 19 of December of 1973 with one of most spectacular flares solar already recorded.

The proeminence softens 588,000 more than km. The solar polar regions present little super-granulation and a darker tone of what the center of the record. The cromosfera gradually if establishes in the crown, the rarefied layer most external and more of the atmosphere of the Sun. The crown also better is observed during the eclipses, therefore although to have a brightness equivalent to the one of the full moon, it she is overcast when the fotosfera is visible.

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