Supermarket Quarter

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* This type of commercial establishment in this quarter was not found. 3,5 Characteristics of the packing? Sealing wax of security To acquire products with security at least in relation to the item ' ' sealing wax of segurana' ' it is more easy in establishments of the type pharmacies, supermarkets and small markets. In the fairs it has a risk of if finding products with or without security sealing wax (Table 5). ESTABLISHMENTS PRESENT ABSENT COMPACT DISC SJ ZB COMPACT DISC SJ ZB Pharmacies 100% 100% 100% – – – not permanent Fairs – * * 100% * * permanent Fair – 100% – 100% – 20% Supermarket 100% * * – * * Small markets 100% 100% 100% – – – TABLE 5? Characteristics of the products in relation to the presence of sealing wax of security in the packings in the different commercial establishments. * This type of commercial establishment in this quarter was not found. 3,6 Characteristics of the packing? Types of labels In pharmacies of the Crowned quarter had been observed eleven products with SIF and one without fiscalization, in the quarter Are Jose had been found twenty and five products with SIF, six with register of the Ministry of Agriculture and two without fiscalization and in the quarter of Zumbi 100% of the products with SIF.

In general, in pharmacies 51 products (85%) had presented SIF, 6 (10%) had presented register in the Ministry of Agriculture and 3 (5%) had not presented no level of fiscalization. In the not permanent fairs it was observed that the products were without label and/or stamp of fiscalization. In the permanent fairs in the quarters Crowned, They are Jose and Zumbi was identified that 100% of the products they did not present labels and/or stamp of fiscalization. The products commercialized in the supermarkets of the Crowned quarter do not possuam label and/or stamp of fiscalization.

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