Carlos Public

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Innumerable cameras pointed with respect to them if repeat for the walls, particular watchmen installed by the sidewalk carrying equipment and dogs that intimidate the passer-bys, beyond physical barriers who make it difficult its circulation in the public space, move away any interest in enjoying routinely of these spaces for strolls. Conclusion Carlos (2003: 86) affirm that the capitalism, to continue if reproducing, produces its proper space as condition and product of the reproduction of the capital. The production of new spaces as shopping centers and the closed condominium discloses to the transformations and the new characteristics related to the processes of spalling, hierarquizao and homogenization in ampler plan, of the city. Ahead of the evidenciao of the consequences, we can attribute it process to they of alteration of values in our proportionate cities for the loss of citizenship and the lack of interest in urban questions (ABRAHO, 2005:107). With the value of use submitted to the one of merchandise, the sensation of collective responsibility for the public spaces had to the intense use of these areas in the daily one disappears, while the idea of the valuation of the property, the individualism and the use of a space by means of a payment is increasing. The space, as well as the time, when being submitted the capitalist logic strengthens the notion of productivity and quantification of them.

The characteristics pointed for Carlos are the loss of the space referenciais and the segregation accented for the impoverishment of the social relations. ' ' failure in meeting citizen metrpole' ' (CARLOS, 2003:88) it is consequence of model of production of the space that leads to the esvaziamento of the public spaces, limiting the perception of identity of the citizen, now enters the limits of the system of merchandises and the society of ' ' consumption of espao' ' (LEFEBVRE cf. CARLOS, 2003:87), imposing transformations in the use and conditions of access to the places for intermediary of the market, modifying the direction in the space and social relations.

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