The Permanent

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However, it does not have better form to explain the stability of the permanent orbits elipsides of the astros: it has to have repulsive a compensating force between ' ' orbitante and orbitado' ' , beyond the attractive one! It only can be this! It thinks (m): the relation of ratio between orbital period and ray (Kepler) is not on necessarily to the astros cited masses pain. SOON, if an orbit is elipside, where astro orbitante however if approaches to the gravitated one, however if it moves away, for the inertia of the resultant of the forces of the system, such astro orbitante WOULD HAVE OF IF MOVING AWAY INDEFINITELY OR FALLING in astro gravitated (of bigger mass), short-term! Conservation of ' ' moment angular' ' elipside does not justify the permanent constancy of the orbital stability, even because ANY extra-orbital influence would desestabilizaria the system. Applying the reformularizations that I made in the theory: it has to exist something, that I call ' ' antimatter center-astral' ' , with the capacity to repel the substance with much force, as magnets of same equal polar regions directed toward itself, however in enormous ratios, repelling much more to when separate she herself. As well as, inversely, a magnet attracts the iron, and with much more force two magnets, of different polar regions come back toward itself, if they attract! There it is easy to imagine what it happens: in the astros, gravitated orbitantes and, whose permanent orbits are elipsides and, exist a certain amount of antimatter center-astral to repel them from certain proximity strong, preventing that the orbitantes fall in the gravitated ones. When if they move away the orbitantes, already they in such a way do not suffer the influence from the reciprocal repulsion enters the center-astral antisubstances of them and astro center-orbital (a star or a planet, as the case). .

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