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For those who liked the movie 'Seven' or 'Fight Club', we can safely recommend to view the new David Fincher film about the birth of the most ambitious social network to the Internet – 'Facebook'. The film is best approached to the real events took place with the main character paintings Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg. The only fictional character with whom the actual start and tie the picture, she is a brand – Eric, coarse talk which pushes him to a small but mean-spirited vengeance. Mark, being under the influence of a fair dose of beer, happy in Students' Network Garvorda, as he seems to amusing vote, which involves photos of the girls Garvorda whose images are cleverly Mark download from departments, bypassing the weak protection of private data of students. As a result, at first glance innocuous action, the vote in a matter of minutes gaining wildly popular, resulting in the Students' network 'drop'. Mark gets in sight of two ambitious offspring of wealthy parents of Tyler and Cameron Vinklvossov, prim way of life is so impressed with Eric and glorifies Mark as anti-social genius. Brothers Vinklvossy, shocked successful trick Mark offered him to do the project the student networking site, the idea that they can not to implement. But Mark has its own plans in this regard, he was one shot kills two birds, promising, on the one hand, to realize the project of brothers, and in fact doing just pulling dates and on the other, a secret all completely immersed in the realization of his earlier project, which is very similar to the idea Vinklvossov.

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