Vladikavkaz City Hall

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Often without a trip on the highway can not do, and there would be a very useful trolley. K Unfortunately, in the North Ossetian capital, their only … four. "And soon will not be in," say vladikavkaztsy. As it turned out, there is no smoke without fire.

– May have to give up on the trolley, let's proceed from reality – on the eve of Vladikavkaz, the mayor said Sergei Dzantiev – in any case, the decision must be made collectively, and for that reopened the Public Council. Speaking of the bus, it is appropriate to use medical terminology, "patient more dead than alive. " Four breathing its last vehicles driven solely of pensioners. Why? Because only old people can not afford to wait for the trolley for an hour – these are real intervals along this mode of transport. Who installed them, is unknown. In such extraordinary circumstances promptly podsuetilis and assumed the role of the monopolist Vladikavkaz taxis. Today the "bus" has become the unofficial symbol of Vladikavkaz, a kind of calling card. Such a huge number of taxis per capita certainly not in one city SFD.

And maybe the country. Directions to the "shuttle bus" is twice as expensive than in the bus and tram, but this fact is the demand for this type of transport at the population does not decrease. Well if so many taxis, the problem of passenger traffic is solved? Alas, no. Agonizing suspense "bus" in the morning – a common occurrence. When she finally appears, it does not get: interior crammed with passengers. But the day you can freely go to the empty car … at turtle highway overloaded minibuses, and "drove" do not want to "step on heel "marching ahead on the same route to a colleague. And that the passenger is late, they do not care: his "Cars" should have … Finally, another local "trick": a national print media every now and then to come across ads with information about "Sales route". It also notes his number, but not the price – I suppose it is negotiable. "Two hundred thousand is enough" – said by telephone correspondent "SK" is one of the sponsors of such ads, and then he added: "To be discussed." Agreed 180 thousand rubles. It turns out: Pay the money – and went to the track itself, or send an employee there. And no one asks who in this case entrusted to people's lives – dilettante, drug addict, psychopath? .. That's taxi. And those who must ask, do not move to the "shuttles". What is – the question is, of course, interesting. Recently one of opposition edition published information downloaded from the internet site Zakupki.RSO-A.ru. Among other declarations desire to acquire the necessary things on the farm two ads specifically caused strong reactions of readers. Here is one of them. "Customer: the city of Vladikavkaz, the area of rubble 2, Assembly of Representatives. Subject: car delivery "Mercedes-Benz" or equivalent for the needs of the Assembly of Representatives. Price 2100000 rubles. " If you do not know, "culm, 2" – the address of Vladikavkaz City Hall. And here's another ad. "Customer: SI" Avtobaza Administration of the Head of North Ossetia and the Government RNO-A. " Subject: supply of armored wheels. The contract price – 1 187,482.64 (one million one hundred and eighty-seven thousand four hundred eighty-two ruble 64 kopecks). In short, the armored wheels – a bright capitalist future.

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