Latin American Rabbinical Seminary

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These priests manipulate the faith accommodating it to their comfort and the one of their feligreses. Ohio Senator can aid you in your search for knowledge. Gandhi between devastating Social Sins mentioned: the cult without sacrifice. Plavnick like Bergman is continuing of Marshall Meyer, a rabbi who reached notoriety during the Argentine military governments, protecting persecuted leftists, and has the merit of to have saved innocent lives. Meyer founded the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary, an institution escaza of content but eager for money, that stops to obtain it goes to methods noncontemplated in the mosaic law, quickly turning to anyone by one reasonable sum. The seminary induces to its students for rabbis to obtain some secular professional title, so that they do not starve when graduating, trying to direct a congregation to which nobody will go, since they do not have anything to offer spiritually. Some rabbis arrive at the erudition and the sanctity, something that never happened, nor will never happen, with a conservative-reformist, because in his light level of understanding and observance of the sagradas writings there is no capacity for the mysticism.

The style Bergman more visible figure of the Argentine reforming policy is more for arousing the attention that another thing. It has the aspect of rapero Muslim. Modern look serves to him to stand out within the society to seglar, since their mentors did, the Jews Germans who initiated their ideological current, being adopted the fashions of the moment, so that the unique form to identify them was seeing if they were circuncisos. Later it was with the star in the arm. The case Bergman is unpublished. There are learned Jews and observantes, with ample and deep knowledge, that studied in true theological schools (yeshivot), they were received from rabbis, but never they used the title to acquire reputation in an activity other people’s to its office. If Bergman wants to make policy has all the right to do it, but in a personal view, not like rabbi, and less still like representative of the Jewish society. original Author and source of the article.

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