Patriotism And The State

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Now fashion has to be patriots. What does that mean – to be a patriot? And what is patriotism at all? I would say the word patria – fatherland. Patriotism is usually closely tied to the state ideology, as it is beneficial to the State. But any ideology – religious, state, or even any – a mirage, nothing more. More precisely: the ideology – is the art of making people idiots. Well, who proved that the state – is the highest degree of human society? There is no such evidence. Another thing is that the overwhelming majority of people can not imagine existence without state machine.

Who is going to retirement pay, defend, follow the order? Come on. Pension – it's just a small part of what the state received from the operation of a citizen. Protects the state is not the citizens, and of itself. That is, bureaucratic bureaucracy, which is the driving force of any state and he himself is. And ordinary citizens are required to combat and feats of labor.

And so they were law-abiding, since the order is also very important for the normal functioning of the state, well, for he, too, the citizens need. Because citizens value the most quiet and relatively well-fed life. Well, of all sorts of philosophers who say that life is meaningless without freedom and ask: "Where's the gap to a free man?" Sent to away. Since ordinary people on their feet or children do not know what should be put.

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