Comfortable Country Accommodation

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Over the last decade, this country is already headed for the eighth time this rating. This oil-rich states could provide a decent life for its citizens. Life expectancy in Norway is 81 years old, and average annual per capita income reached $ 58,810. During his lifetime, the average Norwegian spends in the educational institutions more than 12,5 years. It is noteworthy that neither one of the criteria, taken separately, Norway has not been recognized as the best, but the sum of all criteria of the country consistently (except for two years) took the first place.

The top five countries where the best place to live, except for Norway, were: New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the United States. But close the ranking of 169 countries Democratic Republic of the Congo, Niger, Burundi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Particularly depressing situation in Zimbabwe, where life expectancy is 47 years old, and per capita income does not exceed $ 176 per year. But despite the presence of developing and successful countries like Norway, many people are still interested in the U.S. visa documents. This is likely due to the fact that America has many people associate with the carefree, rich life.

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