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Carnivals are held in many tourist and resort areas, is no exception and the gorgeous Montenegro. Montenegro is a beautiful mountainous country, with picturesque Adriatic coastline and a variety of beaches. A Budva and its Coast is one of the pearls necklaces Montenegro. Landscapes Montenegro are fascinating for its beauty and brutality. In Montenegro, one can not only relax but also have fun. One such cause for merriment is Carnival. The main carnival takes place in Montenegro Budva Riviera in early May.

On the international carnival participants and spectators come from many Balkan countries, and are even participants in the carnival, from as far countries like Australia and the USA. First, the carnival procession begins teams from different countries and cities participating in a variety of costumes, then a competition mazharetok from different cities of Montenegro and neighboring countries. Holiday lasts for two days, and on the third day is a children's carnival, any child can take part in it, if you will wear a mask, and better carnival clothes, or be a spectator at this show. During the carnival day in Montenegro have very good weather to enjoy the numerous sand and pebble beaches, is the temperature at this time and comes to 35 grams. In the days of the carnival you can enjoy your stay and watch or take participate in the carnival procession, as he goes at night. Prices for services and goods in Montenegro, during the May carnival, more than are available, they are usually below the August 10-20 percent, as July-August, the biggest number of tourists, shops and restaurants put a maximum price. But in fairness it should be noted that the Montenegrin resort prices are, as below, such as Croatian, Italian and even more so. Property in Montenegro, in the time of the carnival in Budva you can rent at a very even lower prices. There is also a summer carnivals, but I would advise you to visit it in the spring of Budva, as the evening has no such heat, but the day is quite possible enjoy a swim in the Adriatic Sea and relax on the beach under a bright sun in the Balkans.

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