Kazbegi Q

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Will the part of Georgian territory under the jurisdiction of the Ossetian? – To live across the border in different states is impossible, – the head of the North Ossetian public organization "DTV" Gairbek Sulby. – Only wealthy people can afford it. Among the wealthy residents of Kazbegi region of Georgia once or twice and miscalculated. For this reason, "the experience of the economic blockade of Georgia shows that the life of Kazbegi district Ossetia without dying "- explains Mr. Sulby. The organization "DTV", which he heads is going to raise the issue of return of the Kazbegi region of South Ossetia. Activists "Daria" offered, in particular, eliminate the border and hold the passports of people Kazbegi region, populated mainly by Ossetians.

According Gairbeka Salbieva, almost the entire population of the district is ready to take the South Ossetian nationality. – I have Born in Kobe, there is a house of my ancestors. Now here I can not get there, – complains Mr. Sulby – the road was closed in 2005: the Russian side was engaged in repairing Lars customs. And after the events of last August, now Georgia started construction work, road closed for nearly a year. Kazbegi region is located just 50 kilometers from Vladikavkaz. At the time of Gorbachev's "semi-dry law" went here for the inhabitants of Northern Ossetia Liquor: As part of the Soviet Union, Georgia still could not afford to live by its laws. After the collapse of the Soviet Union came the turn of the inhabitants of Kazbegi regularly cross the Russian-Georgian border, with easy hands of politicians turned out in the administrative state.

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