Ninja Academy Uchiha

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Sasuke Uchiha – was once a member of the team number 7. Also, Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters of anime and manga "Naruto." Sasuke Uchiha. Childhood. I was Sasuke's older brother Itachi Uchiha. Which zasrushil entire Uchiha clan, killing their relatives parents, close relatives, he fled from the village list.

But survived only one member of the Uchiha clan is – Sasuke Uchiha. And stop the couple Sasuke set a goal – to become stronger and kill Itachi. A little about Itachi shas. Itachi was very talented ninja. Thus, he graduated from the Ninja Academy at age 7, learned the technique Uchiha 'sharingan' in 8 years, at age 13 became the leader of one of the teams ANBU. Anbu – naenaya special team, which is controlled by the Kage of the village. Clan Uchiha placed all their reliability on Itachi.

All attention was on Itachi. Because of this, Sasuke have devoted very little time. But despite this Sasuke Uchiha was very fond of his elder brother. But fate decreed that Sasuke had erase his beloved brother of his life, and kill ego.Saske Uchiha. Team 7 Sasuke as all finished ninja academy. But finished with the highest ball, he is also his brother have always admired his friends and teachers. It also was authoritative because that was one of his Uchiha clan. However, there were people who zavidyvali him. As an example, the familiar Uzumaki Naruto. In Naruto's just it was the opposite. He was irritated that all the attention udilyaetsya Sasuke.

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