Brazilian Land

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Pablo Freire still laments, that he feels yourself very sad for its great friend Darcy Ribeiro not to be more alive to see all this march of fight undertaken for the ones without land against the large state, in favor of really efficient an agrarian reform and of better conditions of work in the field. In the interview, Pablo Freire does not save compliments to the ones without land, that according to its proper words, ' ' they are one of the expressions strongest of the life civic politics and of this pas' ' , complete still, that the same ones badly are seen by the Brazilian society, also for that if progressives say, place who them as ' ' disabused and annihilating some of ordem' '. In the thought of Pablo Freire, without land he does not have another alternative to transform the perverse situation agrarian of the country, that is not by means of the fight or of the fight incited; for it, if he will not be thus, one will not get a minimum of changes in the status effective quo. Such marches, in special of the ones without land, are for the great educator a full historical event of meaning and importance inside of the process of humanizao of these people, who another thing do not know to make, of what ploughing the land and it to remove its fruits. To facilitate the agreement of the thought of Pablo Freire about the agrarian question, we pass now finally, leaning over in them on the proper agrarian question in itself as historical reality. Although the slavery to have been extinct (1888), the same one did not bring as it would be of if waiting gradual end despite of one of its main bases, the large state, which persists aguerridamente uninjured and in our objective reality since the immemorial colonial times.

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