Northeast Farming

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The analyzed data had been collected the 18 (eighteen) producing ones through field research together. The instrument chosen for the collection of data, was through interview in the proper property. These producers are concentrated in the city of Guaraniau? PR, where many of them have its proper country properties and cultivate foods for its proper consumption and the excess is commercialized. A diversity of products commercialized for these producers exists, as artisan foods, products and seasonings. Agricultural familiar agriculture in Brazil In Brazil, the expression Familiar Agriculture, appeared in years 90 and since then it comes advancing the theoretical quarrel and politics on who is considered familiar agriculturist and which is its paper in the local development. (NAZZARI et al., 2007) According to Pronaf? National program of Reinforcement of Familiar Agriculture, familiar agriculturists are characterized by possessing the following requirements (BIODIESELBR, 2008): they are proprietors, one who holds legal titles to property, leaseholders, partners or concessionaires of the Agrarian Reformation; they inhabit in the property or next place; at least 80% (eighty percent) of the familiar gross income must be proceeding from the farming or not farming exploration of the establishment; the base of the exploration of the establishment must be the familiar work.

Familiar agriculture more than represents 84% of the agricultural property of the country, around of 4,1 million establishments, of these, 49.6% is placed in the Northeast region, being poor. 475,779 seated in the country, 6067 nestings exist. The familiar agriculturists are responsible for approximately 40% of the rude value of the farming production, 80% of the farming productive occupations and significant parcel of the foods that arrive the table of the Brazilians, as the beans (70%); the cassava (84%); the swine meat (58%); milk (54%); the maize (49%); the meat of birds and eggs (40%), (BIODIESELBR, 2008). The Agrarian Ministry of Public Works and the Economy is responsible for the agrarian reform, the reinforcement of familiar agriculture and for the agricultural development and is created advice of Development Agricultural as federal, state and in such a way municipal, joining thus, a economic sector that can be detached as agriculture and a social segment where if they have familiar agriculture.

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