Champions League

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Milan led 1-0. – Yes, out of the game now! In the meantime, ended the first half. Pasha went to the balcony and lit a cigarette. On the third floor was clearly visible lamps lit courtyard in which there were in the bottom front of the 'young pups' as he called young Pasha. – What blockheads, you do not care for football, right? Spit to you? You would only beer and neighing nakushatsya …

– He spit in disgust over the balcony. – Here so our football so miserable! – He summed up, and threw a cigarette butt. However, for 'our football' Pasha never made a bet. He considered himself unworthy, you can tell a connoisseur of world football, poking around in the mire of the Russian championship. Champions League – that was his path.

The second half saw Pasha match very closely. He even almost did not swear at Gatuzo and released to replace Inzaghi. – Gooooool! Van Byuyten, I love you! – Pasha jumped off the sofa and joyfully began to make ridiculous gestures. Suddenly sat up and became serious again, clenching his fists and muttering prayers for Bavaria. Why is Pasha, a prominent young man of thirty years of age, devoted himself to football? Why tote captivated him more than Nina, which has for two years has been explicitly made it clear that she cares about Pasha? What is there to catch? – Yes, it itself has fallen! – Pasha cried, and stood from the couch, big eyes staring at the TV screen. – Baskakov, please … You bastard! Yes, it was a moot point. However, the judge decided to appoint a penalty. Pasha prayed as, perhaps, do not pray the sinners past. But they hated Kaka struck and … 2-1 in favor of Milan. Pasha fell on the couch wept. He roared like a child who was locked in a punishment in the apartment. Through tears, he still turned and looked at the fading hope of victory in Bavaria. Until the end of the match was less than ten minutes. – Goal – without enthusiasm Pasha said. Yes, Van Byuyten again scored. But at the last minute of extra time. 2-2. So now everything is clear – Flank salary flew away. Meanwhile, three kilometers from the Flank home, mourned in his apartment alone, Nina S.. It is, for the umpteenth time wrote a letter electric Pasha, but he dared not send it. She washed all that is written with sobs and rushed to the bed, if bed – the last thing she has not disappointed. Yes, this woman knew Pasha's passion and felt that it was football all his fault. And for that she detested this game. Today, however, Pasha also despised football. But the most unfair in the fact that football has destroyed the potential family, was anyway. So have to wait for the return match between Bayern Munich and Milan.

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