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I finished the race of right in the 2003 and like many of us (lawyers), I thought what to do with my professional life, to work of independent form or to try to comprise of an office of lawyers? As my economic possibilities were not very great I decided on the second option, I got up to an office of lawyers " humilde" that it solved all type of cases. During 5 years of my life I was working for this office to the traditional way to as great part of the offices works (according to the profession companions tell me). Papers, files, moving body, a complex application of management clients and if you have a little luck secretary were the tools that arranged to the work of the day to day. A day or tired to be to the orders of my head, I thought that or it knew the business, it had saved something and it had the sufficient experience to begin to walk professionally by my same one. Gain insight and clarity with Amazon. I mounted my humildsimo office and I began the hardest work to obtain clients, for it I made use of easy resource, friendly, family, and some thanked for client of my previous office, they were first with which I began to take my business. Little by little with this customer and the mouth or mouth of the same, I was able to have a portfolio of clients that allowed to a pay &quot me; digno" but that was not like having great joys. All this was well, but it thought that it had to look for a way to be able to increase my income within this business, the conclusion it was easy, it was necessary to catch but clients, but, like obtaining this? , my office was not different in great way from others, worked seriously and solved the cases with the greater possible professionalism, but this also does others, and in addition it either did not have the money sufficient to spend in some type of publicity. . Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Blumenthal.

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