Velasco Carretero

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Five years ago, a friend of the North of Spain, who was from these parts of holidays, as every year which comes to the South, invited me to a fruity, from Grenache grapes, pink wine bottled in origin and prepared according to the traditional method of bleeding. Between chato and chato we have engaged, like every year, on topics related to religion, sports, and this year, especially, politics (which have not advanced much) the wine is good!, commented out of the conversational morass that we have got ourselves into. Yes Sir. Hey, Federico, I ask you, what difference is there between the pink and Claret? In my time of waiter in Donosti asked me quite claret and I do not remember any client that I speak of pink. Amazon gathered all the information. I said: to advance the conversation we’ve had about policy, comes the question as ring finger.

It serves the allegory. Claret wine isn’t pink, but red color clear because fermented in presence of skins, while the pink fermented in Virgin. The Claret term comes from the old French claret that was used to appoint a wine mixed with aromatic spices and honey in the middle ages. Wise I am therefore left as the the end of the conversation, but as I do not insist or be obstinate, will continue for a time in doubt of what you wanted to say with that metaphor of clarete-rosado and navarro-vasco, ojo!, not confuse, the order of the terms has come to free will, by what doesn’t have matching Claret with navarro and pink with Basque or vice versa. You interpreted the allusion or parable of my friend, and if they believe it, I removed the uncertainty.

Finally, some brief notes about the production of Rose. Is desraspona the cluster, it constrains and pasta gets into a tank where, unfermented, it must be in contact with the skins, for six to twelve hours, so that the juice macerate and take coloration; then the must is separated from solid (bleeding). Wort clarification and the Elimination of the (clarification) burbas is the same that for white wines.

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