Baby Hats

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"Filippok": new opportunities for successful business about why children's hats "Filippok" so in demand in many regions of Russia, we talked to the director of sales Elkin Constantine – Constantine G., the difference between "Filippok" from other domestic producers of children's hats? – The history of the appearance of "Filippka" – a story about how young people who have children, decided to create a modern production quality headwear. Decided to set up because the market for all variety of children's hats was very difficult to find in stores such products, which would fully satisfy the highest demands customers. From the first days of "Filippok" her team designed and sewed hats in the calculation, especially for their children. Scheele, so that kids feel comfortable that they are protected from any frost. AND Now almost all of us, but a collective of more than a hundred people, chosen for their children only cap "Filippok." Because it's really the best option. – What if other customers do not share your tastes? – We do not impose your tastes. When I say that our basic principle – to make products for themselves, for their beloved children, I mean mainly the most responsible approach to business. Unfortunately, in the domestic economy is very often the English phrase for sale many taken too literally, hoping for unpretentious customers.

But for every parent, regardless of their income, their own child is expensive. This is natural. And agree: odd save for a child to his health. Therefore, high-quality children's hats are always in demand. The buyer sees and feels our concern that the child liked his hat to it in any weather protected him, so natural materials have always provided comfort. Therefore, the brand "Filippok" a lot of supporters. As for taste, then our product range is so wide that you always very easy to choose the right option for you to model and color.

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