Human Lives

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If that disturbing element is a company or an industralist or an actor or a politician, it does not matter, already there is people infiltrated in his nearer land (it can be the labor one, the personnel, the one that you want) and is from there where they will obtain that disturbing element goes away to carajo. They do and it of so subtle ways that you do not have more noses than to worsen your I devise, your instinct, your intuition and your intelligence. And when they have obtained his intention, that is to sink to that element, of the form that they wish, are washed the hands like Pilatos, since they never have been there but its seal has been engraving in its lagartianas ruses. This way to work is not personal with anybody or with anything. It is a strategy that utiiliza for centuries and now more than ever is leaving in torrents throughout. The present world-wide economy is of such chaos! , due to them.

I believe that they deserve applause. He is of such chaos how they are working all the monetary corporations and world-wide organizations, how they are annihilating all the disturbing elements of its own personal interests (and in those disturbing elements it includes HUMAN LIVES), how they are being ***reflxed mng worldwide. But not you creais much those laughter because they are nervous laughter, very nervous. They know it, know that they have left just a short time, THEY WORRY for that reason IT. All the resources worry to undermine the plan to wake up of this magnificent planet, but it is behind schedule, very behind schedule. Waking up already began a long time ago, long time.

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