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/The ex-president of the Government advised to Rubalcaba that left the Government. The future socialist candidate responded to him that he saved in advice. The minister of Promotion and general vice-secretary of the PSOE, White Jose, has indicated that to the ex-president of the Government Felipe Gonzlez " it likes to give advice now, but what little it liked him that they gave consejos&quot him; , after being asked envelope when vice-president Alfredo must leave his public position Perez Rubalcaba, future candidate of the PSOE to the next elections. During its intervention in the colloquy subsequent to a conference organized by the Mail of Andalusia, Target has assured that he will not be " who gives advice him to Rubalcaba" , every time, in his opinion, the future candidate and present vice-president of the Government " he knows to handle the political times and he knows well when a function is compatible with another one funcin". Of this form, in his opinion, " only it (Rubalcaba) will make the best decision for the interest from Spain and, like candidate, for the interest of PSOE". Also, after ironizar with the fact that " the PP has still not requested my resignation, because he is permanently hacindolo" , Target has assured that Rubalcaba " he is the candidate of the PSOE, the best candidate, yet the support of the party and that is expressed with clarity because claras&quot has the ideas; and it has been sorry that the PP " it blames to him of todo". Target, that considers that " there are many things that to do like pas" , it has been sorry that the PP " it thinks that the solution is to return to the past and to burbuja" and after doing a comparative one between Rajoy and Rubalcaba, &quot has stood out of this last his; experience, boldness, capacity of management, are the person who better responds to the challenges of this momento" , so that " Rajoy is going to have to sweat the t-shirt and it does not win nor with wind to favor".

Also, asked for a balance on the Government of the present president, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Target have assured that he will pass to history " like the president who saved to the Euro and able to extend the social and political rights and to modernize our country in little tiempo". Of this form, in his opinion, " it is not going to have a period of Spain where as much public investment is made to modernize the country like period 2004-2012 in relation to the GIP espaol". " Zapatero has extended right, has taken brave measures, sometimes not included but essential to guarantee the Euro, to guarantee the well-being of all and to guarantee the social policy of ours pas" , he has added White. Source of the news: Target, on Gonzlez: " How it likes to give advice and what little it liked to him recibirlos"

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