Great Worldwide Powers

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Since the beginning of the times it had Wars, for being able, land ownership, greed for richnesses, treasures of gold, and silver, passing degerao in generation. Exactly nowadays we witness such facts; governing fighting for the cursed one to be able, the causer of all the davida destruction, not only the life human being more also the Animal, Vegetal and Ambient life; being this last more important a of all they, therefore this yes is the one that geratodas the forms of survival of the species that inhabit the Planet. But the human being does not fear ones to the others, each umtenta to prove to be stronger, capable of such act, if they delude with its conhecimentoscientficos presumptions, that say to have developed due its mental capacity. Essesvendem its theories for that they intend to take off advantage of such discovery, thus manufacturing powerful weapons to try to intimidate its adversaries nessGuerra of Being able. Taking advantage of this they construct armies, thousand of sereshumanos with a mentality directed to the euphoria to have in hands a little of being able, carrying a Weapon, enters in this of servile its Country, many for form desobrevivncia. There yes, the limitless force of the DESTRUCTION enters; Men matandoHomens for servile its Country, fortifying one agglomerated soil, the same tempoenfraquecendo diverse times plus this size; therefore when destroying one territrioseja it which will be the size of its dimension other more is come to ruin. Such governing would have not to measure forces ones with osoutros more yes, to join -, conquering all the lands destroyed for the seusantepassados ones. Since diverse considered Countries as: GREAT POTNCIASMUNDIAS, others with the biggest world-wide technology, others with bigger armies domundo, and so on. Because they do not arrive at a world-wide consensus? , Abriremmos of the Power of destruction and to start a WORLD-WIDE WAR; in reorganization: of what still it exists in this Planet, joining forces, fighting of sun to the sun, conquering its space, proving that they are capable not alone to destroy mastambm to construct or to reconstruct what already was destroyed.

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