Social Assistance

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Therefore as already detached previously they are problems of with priority essential necessity or. This type of relation is subdivided in two subcategorias: ' ' the public services of Attendance Direct organized in administrative systems, formal instituted for legal and normative instruments and the public services of Attendance Direct not yet sistematizados' '. MALMEGRIN (2010, p 72). Example clearly of first subcategoria is system of education that if finds systemize well in Brazil, to the step that exemplifica second, the system of social assistance, that is in systematization process, with the consolidation of the LOAS – Organic Law of the Social Assistance. Concluding it is possible to affirm that ' ' at a moment at which great changes in our way to think and to live are urgently necessary, the Letter of Land 6 defies in them to examine our values and to choose a better way.

Moreover, in it makes a call to look a common land to them in the way of our diversity and so that around let us receive a new ethical vision shared by an increasing amount of people in many nations and cultures of mundo' '. 7 Thus, it is evident intention of the end item to be reached from this document – to join the individuals and its public or private organizations in one alone world-wide clan, glimpsing the universal common good. CONSULTED BIBLIOGRAPHY MALMEGRIN, Leondia Maria. Operational management? Florianpolis: Department of Sciences of Administration/UFSC; Brasilia: CAPES: UAB, 2010. Text of ' ' Letter of the Terra' ' – Values and principles for a sustainable future. Electronic page: Notes: 1? Letter of the Land. Section: Future challenges. 2? Letter of the Land.

Section: Universal responsibility. 3? Letter of the Land. Section: Principles? 4. To guarantee the gifts and the beauty of the land for current and the future generations. 4? Letter of the Land. Section: Principles? 06. 5? Letter of the Land. Section: Principles? 10. 6? Grifo of the author. 7? Letter of the Land. Section: Reason the Letter of the Land is important?

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