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Throughout this investigation forehead was possible to evaluate the existing policies with respect to the urban planning the seismic risks in the Capital District, as well as the planned activities to reduce the risks before a catastrophe of great magnitude caused by natural phenomena of seismic type and of raising alternatives and applicable strategies of solution in our means. 1.2 The planning and the Constitution of 1991 One of the central aspects of the National Constitution of 1991 is the incorporation of the planning like key instrument for the attainment of the essential aims of the State, that is to say, to serve the community, to promote the general prosperity and to guarantee the effectiveness of the principles, duties and rights consecrated in the Constitution; to facilitate the participation of all in the decisions affect that them and in the economic life, political, administrative and cultural of the nation; to maintain integrity territorial and to assure the pacific coexistence and the use a right order (C.N of Colombia). That function of the planning unfolds in one double dimension: of a side like instrument of rationalization of governmental action and of the public cost by means of the definition of principles, objectives, strategies and instruments of the public management in a certain period; of another one, like mechanism to cause a new relation between the State and the civil society, redefined in democratic terms, which the dialogue and the agreement become tools privileged in the joint search of the development and the collective well-being. In other words, it does not only interest to obtain a product, the plan; one also looks for, to untie a process, the one of planning that mobilizes the citizen opinion and that causes that the whole country in its ethnic diversity, territorial, environmental, of sort, organizational and social, without exclusions, it plays a more active role in the construction of a new citizen and a society of well-being.

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