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Love offers many different perspectives. Hopefully any relationship was based on a pure sentiment, however, the reality is that people do not always show their best side. I.e., they are not always as honest that should be with each other. Sure that at some time in your life you’ve felt the strange feeling of knowing that another person has played with your feelings, has generated you expectations that have not been fulfilled, it has not been consistent in their words and actions perhaps why, you should be careful from the beginning, when we started to know another person, to know how it is. That is, to know what we can expect and what not. The truth is when a person playing with the feelings of another making it because of course it has affection to another person, i.e., it is difficult to renounce the temptation of having someone nice close.

Hence, there are people who don’t want to pay the price of sincerity to perhaps lose a friendship. It is clear that before that play with the feelings of the other prevention is better in time so that no one hurts another greater future disappointment. It is true that something hurts more the more you want to another person, that is, the more time we spent with her. Perhaps for that reason, and although it won’t be able to accept it, before that expect to be another who take care of you, must learn to protect yourself from some kind of vicious relationship in which you give more than what you receive, in which you feel you do one thing and then tell you another. In short, a story in which you take months or perhaps years waiting for something that does not happen. Waiting to another does not affect you, however, you generates you an anguish that perhaps you may end by kill you in the moment in which less waiting.You are killing emotional level because that feeling empty and lack of sense, prevents you enjoy everything good that there is right now in your life.

On more than one occasion, people have to have the courage to start from scratch.Sometimes, start from scratch means stay away from another person.But it hurts you at the beginning. Even if you think that you can not, the truth is that the best thing is to learn to live without relying on anyone other than yourself. Who plays with your feelings has not been entirely honest with you, therefore, you do care too. So you do the same and clears your mind, your heart and your life to someone who only you are going to suffer more than it should.

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