Fancy Architectural Projects

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Gradually the green technologies become part of our lives – at home, fed by the sun and wind, made from recycled materials and do not cause environmental damage. We offer you a selection of unusual architectural designs made use of environmentally sound technologies. 1. Hotel of the older buses in Israel can send old wreck for salvage and to forget about them, but you can give them a second life. So did one family in Israel. They made a couple of old buses in the budget hotel Zimmerbus Bed & Breakfast.

The hotel is located in a small village Esus at the foot of the Negev, and from its windows overlooking the desert. That it does not look like a graveyard cars, buses surrounded the adobe and the roof covered with palm leaves. 2. House with edible walls Maryland University students came up to bid for the project house with edible walls. It feeds solar and wind energy, collects, filters and uses rainwater and sewage. Many probably remember the Willy Wonka wallpaper that you can lick. But this time everything is real. If the project wins the contest, he will be able to take Participation Solar Decathlon, which will take place next year under the auspices of the U.S.

government. 3. House of the old subway cars in the coming years for transport management of Toronto plans to write off a huge amount of old scrap subway cars. One student, Ryerson School of Interior Design offered not to throw them, and used to build a house here. After all, people live in the wagons, he decided, why not adapt to this subway cars – they are wider, longer and They have provided a window. Young architect proposes to live in this condominium young couples who have not yet afford a traditional house or single parents. And due to the fact that the apartment can be saved, it offers spend more money on the area around the ennobling. 4. Business Center inside the hill in Armenia decided to diversify the usual urban sprawl environmental projects. Instead of the usual business center of the concrete and glass in Yerevan usher in just such a hill. The entire surface holmoobraznogo building called Lace Hill, will be planted with native plants. They will filter the air, hold too much heat, irrigation system will run on waste waters. The architectural project of the Bureau Forest Fulton Architecture inspired by the traditional Armenian crafts – lace. 5. House-ark in the middle of the steppe House ark built in northern USA. Architectural decision roof recalls the forms of Gothic cathedrals and chaotic windows in a residential part of the building resemble the monastery walls. The house belongs to a class zenergy (zero energy), so that its energy tends to zero. In the roof integrated solar panels, the house can use the heat of the Earth. Area ‘Deck’ is almost 450 square meters living space at home – 500 squares.

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