Poverty Prevails

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This stems from the aforementioned government passivity exhibited by Die Olmos, in most cases, poverty remains a highly profitable track electoral many games that use the class banner low without spending programs or real solutions. Any cause, any action is taken around the urban poor, are emanating from different sources which usually goes unnoticed coercion. As we mentioned earlier, the political practices often more interested in the very idea of poverty to achieve many of its tasks that have nothing to do with welfare. Have the intention to cause an inclination towards political or party in question, employing so-called social consciousness and touching the heartstrings of society. The time when we are plagued by this message is especially during political campaigns, posters, slogans, tv ads, speeches, bombarded with information where the poor are the target of aid and therefore the maintaining of social unity. There is, it exalts their existence as a means also of a purely political message.

On the other hand we were to culture as an institution that previously forged in the consciousness of an individual that has to say, how to behave, what has to feel, what has to think, and so on. Within the framework of social classes, culture is central to the behavior of each of its members and of course for relations between them. The culture relies mainly on education, so we understand that the upper classes have a duty to help with the low, always putting the subordinate role of the latter.

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