Andres Eloy Blanco

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I believe in the depth of that statement, not only because a man like Steve Jobs said in a speech, but because I think that it is completely true. Life is full of points which are connected backwards but who at present have a very real sense it seems magical. Venezuela is full of points. But we only draw the connection of some of them back to illustrate its meaning. Andres Eloy Blanco, Romulo Betancourt, Jovito Villalba, Raul Leoni, Gustavo Machado just to name a few, included a student generation that faced the dictator Juan Vicente Gomez in a Carnival in 1928. Do you believe that those students at that time thought that they would form the basis of the political leadership for the Venezuelan democratic construction 40 years later? No, surely did not think so. They only thought of fight and fight hard for ideals that something centred for them and for their country in the future.

Nothing more. The gomecista dictatorship lasted 27 years. These student leaders from 1928 or imagined are long would Gomez, founded political parties and conducted reforms necessary for the construction of a Venezuela that entered modernity. Neither they nor anyone else had tried modern parties in a country of guerrillas. They had experience? I don’t think so. You should have been exciting this time of democratic construction. They should have put lot of heart to make that work in one country of the feudal characteristics of our own from that era. Again, retrospectively, to unite that point to the past we notice that an image of historical characters who appear making the political country who is drawn with new parties, inexperienced that then the military stamp falls appears. Could these new political parties in 1948 that would consolidate stability as which he had from 1959 until 1999 imagine? Again, I don’t think so.

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