Federal Electricity Commission

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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-ten years ago, the Federal Electricity Commission announced its destiny: towards a world class company to exit us today you need thousand 200 million dollars to modernize the infrastructure of electricity lines in the country. In the Mexico of the incongruities, the CFE, from one month to another, also ten years ago, auto corrected and was already a world class company. After the nationalisation of the electricity industry, so praised and cacareada as the same petroleum expropriation, Mexico is shaping up to a substantive debate by wanting to convert to energy companies in mixed. Information on the needs of both companies in the field of investment not to grow, but to modernize, longer a constant to convince the respectable of the need for an energy reform that allows placement of 49 percent of capital in the stock markets. The tearing of clothing comes from the Party of the Democratic Revolution today in game among groups called tribes by his behaviour hostile, very far away from the political courtesy. They will be months of discussion but is the PAN-PRI duopoly already agreed a Fast Track as it was done with the approval of Fobaproa back in 1995.

Close the clamp, the share placing would be a success once the stock markets of the world presented serious percentage reductions for fear of a financial and economic recession in the United States. Literally actions IIIS in the auction floors and the much-needed money pouring automatically to the treasuries of the two parastatals. All a fairy tale until giving back to page facing powerful unions of the parastatals that are not painted on the wall and that will be a real headache. The energy reform is the most difficult of which have been presented by the complicated interests that mix and the level of nationalism of antagonistic groups. Meanwhile, the PRD and the unions do not yet know the initiative and already have it sitting in the Chair Electric willing to give it purpose. Al Portador a sparks already jumping in the energy discussion, won’t miss an AMLO spilled petrol on top.

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