Manuel Barroso

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There are many ways becomes frighten a child and do feel guilty and intimidated, without resorting to physical violence. The boy or girl is tormented with thoughts and feelings that can not communicate or share with anyone and learn to bear pain and silence. Self-esteem and communication are closely related, because according to how you say something, the effect will be positive or negative, of learning or of resentment, which airs from childhood. Not surprised comments like that Venezuela is a country that is in crisis from its birth, is still in crisis, seeking the necessity generated changes that favor him in its growth, which will pass to a generation of Venezuelans who take responsibility with its development, ensuring a good quality of life, who knows how to properly leverage their wealth not in favor of someof power, of mafia groups, but for the good of all, that there really is justice, equity, adequate distribution of their wealth, that is respect to all citizens is refavorezca all, is repeste their rights not only to exceptions to the allies to prevailing political parties Venezuela is a country that has much potential, you need change, Governments that know how to properly use their wealth, optimally using hand labor, which is identified by the union, by the transformations that guarantee to the Venezuelan security, respect, recognition, not must give way to the contradictions to multiple paradoxes, but lead to many more aspirations to be different, namely to utilize their potential, to ensure security in all its aspects. Is known, Manuel Barroso collected years ago his impression about the self-esteem of the Venezuelan, stated in his book thereon, that today this self esteem so low, it will remain low while in prisons has Venezuelans crowded and without conviction, in the neighborhoods and hungry Venezuelan hills in poverty criticizes on the streets mendingando abandoned, working for adults, children in sick hospitals without adequate care.

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