Brazilian Religious

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At the beginning of June of 1968 the revolutionary movement was run out in itself. This historical episode marked the agitators of the entire world deeply, but the mark that will accompany by always this social movement by masses is the content of the grafitis that smeared the walls of the most beautiful and emblematic buildings public and deprived of Paris. Of them, we emphasized three: " Him desordre cest moi" (" The chaos I am yo"), " Interdit dinterdire" (" Prohibited prohibir") and " Limagination au pouvoir" (" The imagination to poder"). Perhaps history remembers to us constantly that the chaos is the base of all new order. Leonardo Boff 8 has maintained the following affirmation, that we took like referring and which we assumed like extraordinarily valid: " The chaos is the base of new orden" ( belongs) " to the slope that creates possible to leave the conflict being stimulated the positive elements of desorden." 9 the chaos, as soon as new and dangerous strategy of the surviving revolutionary movements of the Comunism and other movements of religious character, was one of the points of greater preoccupation and analysis, in the last years of its fecund life, the eminent catholic thinker and Brazilian man of action, professor Pliny Corra de 10 Oliveira. The chaos is a subject that more and more is like a key to include/understand the deep sense of the tragic facts lived and suffered by the humanity during second half of Century XX, and that has marked the beginning of this third millenium. Corra de Oliveira was distinguished by its impressive forecasts on the social, political and religious reality of Brazil and the world, many of which went the past fulfilling throughout last the three decades of Century, demonstrating an undeniable prophetic spirit. From 1928, like young catholic leader, he fought with his word and its writings to defend his Church and the Christian civilization.

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