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– We are adepts of the religion of ‘ ‘ Melhor’ saint; ‘ , we believe Brazil and its players, but we forget the Native land and its workers, then this is all guilt of the politician who fifteen days later, nor I know more the name. I know that I was that I placed it there, but because he did not have another one better, knows as is? If it does not have another one better, is always good for preventing worse. 5 – CONCLUSION Dalai Lama in its book ‘ ‘ Ethics for the New Milnio’ ‘ , it portraies the happiness feeling as the essence of the search of one disciplines ethics. It attributes the antiethical behavior of the man, the lack of ‘ ‘ containment interior’ ‘. The sensation of the fulfilled duty, in what it refers to the recompensadora moral conscience, brings to the individual conscientious attitudes in relation to next and its necessities. Thus, the ethical citizen is without shade of doubts a citizen happyer than that one that does not walk inside of the ethical rules. Therefore already it are observed that the ethics are the set of practical, habits and customs of a society that can choose to normatizar with intention to organize and to command the real yearnings of the collective, thus forming the reflective thought in favor of practical ethics.

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